R.Alan Photography October 2011 

Zulu Photography, August 2011 Makeup-Cara Bella Artistry, Director Rig Rush

Dale Schiebel Photography 2011

Silvaney Photography April 2011

Dioni Suarez Photography March 2011

Philip Pelusi Salons Spring Collection Shoot February 2011-R.Alan Adams Photography

D.Anthony Studios 2010 Stylist:Brandon Lee Makeup:Ali Babba

HSPhototime 2010

Brianherman.com 2011 

HS Phototime 2010 

Brianherman.com January 2011 

HSPhototime December 2010 

HSPhototime December 2010


JohnBodnar Photography 2010 

Zulu Photography 2011 

John Bodnar November 2010

Dale Schiebel Photography 2011


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