Candace King is a commercial,promotional, fashion and runway model and actress from Pittsburgh,PA that has walked for many designers along the east coast from New York City to West Palm Beach, Florida.  She has also worked with photographers from Pittsburgh, New York to Los Angeles and loves the thought of “getting the shot”. She prides herself on her willingness to try new things, being humble and approachable. She has done nonexclusive work for TB Talent Casting, MTNational Casting, AllPoints Connect Marketing, CosPro Marketing and Nancy Mosser Casting. She loves what she does, as being a model/actress is her identity and looks forward to projects to come. Most recently she’s been asking to take her career internationally and plans to do so with the same reliability and commitment that she has fostered for some time. Candace’s philosophy is Destiny, Timing and Hard Work is what makes champions. 







 For bookings please see contact information below:  modelmayhem # 1096229  424-543-4074

JK Yarbrough 2010 

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  • December 2011-AIP Fashion Show (Saani Mac) (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • October 2011-Pittsburgh Fashion Week (Lana Neumeyer) (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • September 2011- Pittsburgh Fashion Week (Saani Mac) (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • September 2011-Philip Pelusi-Susan B. Komen Pink Party & Hair Show (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • July 2011-720 Music, Clothing and Cafe Vintage Show (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • May 2011-Sew Pink Glimmer of Hope Fashion Show (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • May 2011-Willie G's Beyond the Stars Fashion Show ( Pittsburgh,PA)
  • April 2011-Get Glam Fashion Show, Breast Cancer Benefit (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2011-Philip Pelusi Salons Trend Release Show (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • February 2011-Emerge NY Fashion Week (New York City, NY)
  • February 2011-Williamsburg Fashion Week (New York City,NY)
  • January 2011-Project Evolution (2 days Crazy Hot Clothes, Digg) (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • December 2010-Fashion and Hair Extraordinaire (A.Roze Designs)(West Palm Beach,FL)
  • December 2010-Fashion for Food (Crazy Hot Clothes) (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • November 2010-Beautiful,Dirty Rich Fashion Show(Pittsburgh,PA)
  • November 2010-The Fashion Rejects Fashion Show(Pittsburgh,PA)
  • October 2010-Studio Booth Salon Grand Opening (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • October 2010-Pittsburgh Fashion Week –Lana Neumeyer Collection
  • October 2010-Pittsburgh Fashion Week-Eco Chic Fashion Show
  • September 2010-Give Me Uptown,Give Me Chic (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • September  2010-La Dolce Vita (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • April 2010 –Classy Meets Magic (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2010- Anna Rozier Designs (Orlando,FL)
  • March 2010-Classy Meets Magic (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • November 2009-Carlisle’s Bridal Show (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • September 2009-Diabetes Walk Fashion Show (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • May 2009-Willie G’s Fashion Show (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2009-Breast Cancer benefit (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • February 2009-Pretty in the Steel City (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • January 2009-Twisted Runway (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • Acting/Modeling
  • November 2011-Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine December Issue (Saani Mac)
  • October 2011-Philip Pelusi Fall/Winter Collection (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • September-October 2011- American Eagle Outfitters Training Video (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • August 2011-"The Fall of the House of Light" Rig Rush (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • July 2011-Brand Ambassador-Shearer's Chips Three Rivers Regatta
  • June 2011- "Steeltown" Movie Extra (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • 2011-Dreams Kosmetics Spring/Summer Collection (Waterbury, CT)
  • April-March 2011- CosPro, Loreal Rite-Aid promo (various locations Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2011-Brand Ambassador-Home&Garden Show- Shearer Booth (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • February 2011-"Since I Have You" Movie Extra (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • February 2011-Philip Pelusi Salons Spring/Summer Collection (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • November 2010-Live Mannequin Sugar Boutique (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • October 2010-Sunoco Promotion-TB Talent (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2007-Marc USA-Pittsburgh Visitor’s Bureau Promo Video (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • June 2006-Diondega Lookbook (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • Photography Work
  • November 2011-John Columbus Photography (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • October 2011- Makinde Photography PFW (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • October 2011- R.Alan Photography (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • August Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • August 2011-Zulu Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • August 2011-Dale Scheibel Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • June 2011-John Prakash Sekar (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • June 2011-John Bodnar Photography (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • May 2011-Ray Scott Photography (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • May 2011-Pro Touch Photography (Waterbury, CT)
  • April 2011-Mark Anthony James Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • April 2011-Dale Scheibel Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • April 2011-Silvaney Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2011-Dioni Suarez Photography (New York City,NY)
  • March 2011-Chuck Kozora Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2011-Dale Scheibel Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • February 2011-R.Alan Adams Photography (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • January 2011-Zulu Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • January (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • January 2011-Dale Scheibel Photography(Pittsburgh,PA)
  • January 2011-John Bodnar Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • December 2010-HSPhototime (West Palm Beach,FL)
  • November 2010-John Bodnar Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • November 2010 -Bill Shirley Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • November 2010- JK Yarbough (Los Angeles,CA)
  • November 2010-Ben L Brooks (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • August 2010-Matt Burek (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • July 2010-Linshutter (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • March 2009-March 2010-D. Anthony Studios (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • March 2009-Brosius Studios (Pittsburgh,PA)
  • July 2009 –CS Photography (Pittsburgh,PA)




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